Monday Made It

This past week was a fun and busy week. I was happy to get back into my classroom and plan on getting into my room again today. I am jealous of the people who have a class list. I won't get one until our preschool screeners are done and IEPs. Even then it changes quite a few times before we begin school depending on bussing issues and such. You can link up here:
Monday Made It

I made an I feel and I choose box where the students can describe how they are feeling and choose what they are going to do. I think this will be a useful tool for my autistic students who get frusterated and angry. They will be given a choice to decide what they want to do. I will probably provide 2-3 choices and they will vary on the individual child. I got this idea from Conscious Discipline

The feelings and choices will be kept in baggies. I will take out the possible feelingsa nd choices for the students.

I also made this Dog to go with Dog's Colorful Day. I used my cricut Create a Critter cartidge. I have different color circles that I punched with a circle punch. During the reading of the story I intend to give each child a colored circle and have them come up and place the circle in the appropriate place.
I made this shark hoodie for my son. I got the idea from See Kate Sew. I can't sew at all and was able to do this easily. It just required thick felt cut in triangles and sewing it around the hood.

I hope to post pictures of my classroom as I get it finished and ready to go. :)


  1. I love it! I am having a giveaway--I would love for you to win the laminator!

  2. So cute...all of it! Nice job on the hoodie...I could barely sew the curtains for my classroom--had to call in mom and Grandma to help with those! :) Looking forward to seeing the finished classroom!

    Hoosier Teacher

  3. We read Dog's colorful day as well. I give the kids a blank dog that I blew up from the book and then they do bingo dobbers on it. When we stamp a color on it we tell what we think dog got into to get that color on him.

  4. I love the bingo dabber idea for the book! I am going to have to try that!


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