First Day! Finally!

Yesterday was the first day for my students. The first three days were Open Houses and I must admit that I was VERY anxious and nervous about the kids I was getting this year. When they came in for the open houses with their parents five kids tried to escape the room and they are super fast! I also had a student dump out two of the puzzle containers and another little guy was jumping off the counters, spraying water from the sink everywhere and opening and slamming the bathroom door repeatedly. The scary part was that all the parents were oblivious about what these kids were doing. That was the most frusterating part. However, after all the worry and concern both the am and pm classes had really great days! In my morning class I had two students that cried the whole 2.5 hours, but that is expected as it is the first time for them on the bus, in school, and away from their parents with people they don't know. The afternoon class also went much smoother than expected. I had a couple small freak outs, but bubble wrap calmed the one little boy and a baby doll calmed another. So hopefully next week will go smoother and I am sure it will go well! I also will be investing in some teethers this year! One of the little girls bit through my name badge so a teether will probably benefit her.

The first day I have the students identify if they can some school words and/ or repeat the words if possble. The afternoon class is also expected to cut and glue them if he can. This is a quick and easy way for me to assess some skills that the students have or are still able to do since last year.


  1. Aww your students are SO cute! Sounds like you had a very busy first day :)

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

  2. I'm glad your first day went better than expected! Cute students :)



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