Boo'd Linky

 Today when I was checking out some blogs, The Puzzling World of Autism, had shared my blog and here are my nominations. :)
Here are the rules:

Cynthia at 2nd Grade Pad is hosting this BOO'D linky. 

1. Choose a fellow blogger that has MORE followers.
2. A blogger that has about the SAME number of followers .
3. Someone that has LESS followers.
4. Highlight their blogs with links to encourage others to check them out.
5. Don't forget to let your fellow bloggers know that you shared about them.
6. Lastly, leave them some love by offering them a goody from your store as their "treat."
Well, I had to pick two of my favorite blogs that have more because I love all their ideas and they are also special ed blogs that I found very helpful!

Sped-Ventures Kara is also from Michigan and I have been loving her Tasty Tuesdays posts!

 I loved Amanda's Dog's Colorful Day Activities. Definitely check those out!

The same number of followers (roughly) is Special Teacher for Special Kids. She has some great teaching resources.

Special Teacher for Special Kids

Wild and Fun in PreK
Jessica has shared some fun activities done in her classroom!

Definitely check out these blogs for some great ideas and resources!


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, Kate!! I am loving your blog (and hopefully next week will finally bring another Tasty Tuesday post...we have been too busy with testing to cook lately!) I will be passing this fun "Boo" to some of my other fave bloggers tomorrow :)

    And I'd love your Pre-K and K Transportation Unit - we are studying travel and transportation next month so it would be perfect!

    Thanks again! You made my night!


  2. Was finally getting around to telling those I'd Boo'd, glad you noticed:)


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