I just love fall! There are so many fun units and themes to do! This week we focused on pumpkins and these are some of our fun activities we did.

We made the 5 little Pumpkins with a circle sponge and a q-tip was used to make the faces. We also made the 5 Little Pumpkins book by prekinders.com

We made scarecrows.

Next door they made acorns by painting the acorn and adding torn paper at the top and adding cinnamon. So cute!
We put stickers on numbers 5-8.

We put clothespins on pumpkins. Great for their fine motor skill developement!

We put pumpkins in order from biggest to smallest.

We learned about the pumpkin life cycle.

We also mixed red and yellow paint to make pumpkins and one of my little ones wanted to add a face to make his a jack-o-lantern.
 Next week we are going to be learning about spiders and bats! Have a fabulous weekend!

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