Monthly Monday Made It Christmas Edition

This Monthly Monday Made It is more geared to my home! I love crafting and I finally am able to put a few of the things I made over the summer on display! I made this wreath last year and it was super easy. Use a wire hanger, shape it into a circle, and string different size ornaments on to the wire!

This is a place to keep my cards. Just a piece of wood from Hobby Lobby and I painted it and added ribbon.

Lastly, I got this shadow box from IKEA. I love IKEA! The best place to get this and that! Anyway, I added red paper to the back and added bells that my mom had in her basement. Then, I used my cricut and cut out the words jingle bells!

Something I did made for my little ones was some interactive books. It is great for early finishers! I posted about this previously and you can see how I did it here:
The kids really seem to enjoy them!

Make sure to link up at fourth grade frolics for some other fun ideas!!!

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