Resolutions: Organization

Getting organized is something I say I am going to do every year and then it just doesn't end up happening. However, maybe this year I can accomplish these two goals.
Goal 1: Organize my books.
I have my books grouped together by theme, but I need to make sure the themes stay together and this is how I plan to do it. It also works out great because my sister just started working at Sherwin Williams so I should be able to get lots of paint sticks!

Southern City Girl

Goal 2: Organize my file cabinet. I have lots of materials saved that are not developmentally appropriate for my little ones (it is from when I taught K) and some things I just know I will not use again. So my goal is to go through each themed file and sort out things to keep and things to not keep. We will see how that goes. I may just need to start taking a file home each week and just quickly go through it.

Goal 3: To organize Ethan's toys in the basement. Upstairs I have bins and in his room we have a 9 cube shelf that helps keep his books and ever accumulating toys in order, but downstairs it is chaos! Two of my favorite ideas to create a storage system downstairs are:
I like the shelving ideas on here. My only worry is Ethan may attempt to climb up it!

This site has LOTS of awesome ideas to get organized!

If you have some goals to make your life more organized link up here

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