We used shaving cream to create a blizzard and then once the road the was covered by our hands we ran cars through it. We are going to let it dry so you can see the car tracks.

We also have been counting out plastic snowflake counters onto snowflakes.

Many of my students have limited expressive and receptive language skills so boardmaker is completely necessary for them to communicate me and for me to communicate with them. Some of the pictures that I use and wish I had used when I taught Kindergarten as well are sit on your dot or sit criss-cross applesauce, ears listening, eyes on me, and quiet voice. Boardmaker is great for those pictures, but I also like to have actual pictures of items so that it is not quite as abstract for my students and has more meaning behind it. I  use specific pictures to show the students when it is time to get their mail from the mailboxes or go to their locker. It is much more concrete for them having the actual picture than just the boardmaker picture. I also want to take a picture of how I want the block center to look or the kitchen area to look when cleaned so the students know exactly what is expected of them. I got that idea from a conference attended and I intend on doing it this year just need to find the time.
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