I came across a bunch of my stuff from when I taught Kindergarten and decided to upload some it. I must admit I do miss teaching kindergarten. They always had the funniest stories to tell and it was so much fun to see the progress they made, which was a lot! My ECSE kids the progress is much slower and it is much more minimal, but they are lovable in their excitement and how genuine they are. Well, anyways here are a few things I used all the time when I taught Kindergarten. I am also trying out google docs since Scribd has not been working as well.

ABC Suggestions
Visual Schedule

The visual schedule I used with a student when he needed immediate satisfaction and to know a task and period of the day was completed. It worked well and if he completed all the tasks or certain subjects successfully he would receive a sticker. We worked towards a prize daily and then once that was consistent it changed  to weekly and so forth.

I used this editor checklist daily with my kids. We would check our writer's workshop writing and we would go through each thing and they would check their writing. I had drawn some picture cues to so the kids could remember.

Editor's Checklist

As I go through my stuff I will upload some more goodies that I come across.

These two things have helped some of my kids immensely. Instead of wearing a weighted vest one of my students holds this weighted dog on his lap and it helps him to calm down. A friend of mine made it and she also made a frog and they are awesome. They are nice and fleecy and just the right size for my little ones. Also, this activity mat is used for putting whatever activity your child is suppose to be working on and our OT said that especially for autism children it helps them to complete the task. We made our own from shelving plastic and checkered duct tape. The checkered duct tape is the key to it being successful.
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