This past week we began reading Fairy Tales. Last year, we did a couple weeks of nursery rhymes so to mix it up this year we are going to do fairytales and next year I will go back to nursery rhymes. We focused on the Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, and the Three Little Pigs this week.

We did this fine motor Jack and the Beanstalk. The kids had to connect the dots and then had to paint leaves. We also added sand to the bottom and a "magic" bean.

Something I have been meaning to do for some time now and just have not had the opportunity to was make picture prompts for Dr. Jean's Zoo Movement Song. Many of the my kids do not know a lot of animals so this may help them to make better connections.
Zoo Movement

I did the same for both of Greg and Steve's Animal Action songs.

Animal Action Song Pics

While going through my Kindergarten files I came across my procedure book that I used at the beginning of the year. This summer I want to update it for my preschool kids.

Procedure Book

So lots of randomness. I feel like that is how my life is right now as I try to get all my stuff done for work and get to spend as much quality time with my little guy. I am also going back to school this spring-summer semester to complete my second masters. I am five classes away and do not want to waste all the time I have spent in school (after two years my classes can pretty much expire). Before all that though I am definitely looking forward to spring break down in TN with family. Just have to get through conferences and a couple of IEPs this week and I am free!!! Yay!
We use handwriting without tears and one of the fun activities I do daily with my morning class is mat man. (Song #8)  The kids love it and it helps the students visualize what they need to draw when they draw a person. Each child gets a piece and we build him as the song directs.
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