So I have finally got all of the materials together for my first sensory bin for the school year. I am hoping to do it monthly with my students. I want to use it as a whole group where the students can be given an item and tell the class what it is. I am hoping this will be a lot better than just pictures because it is a real, tangible item. Then, at centers the students can explore the sensory bin and then the items they discover they can tell who ever is running that center (my para or myself) and then they can bingo stamp the item. All of the items in the sensory bin are not included on the checklist, but the majority is. Well, Ethan and I are off to the zoo today with a couple of friends which should be fun! Happy Friday!

School Sensory Bin Stamp or Color what you find is available here.


I found a few of these fall arts and crafts when cleaning out a teaching bin sitting in the basement. I also made copies of the poem and made samples for my para to recreate with the kids this year.


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