Amanda over at One Extra Degree is hosting a classroom organization linky party entitled, Behind Closed Doors Classroom.

 Unfortunately I will not be getting into my room for another couple of weeks, but there are a few changes to improve my organization this year.

The last two years all of my morning and afternoon circle activities have been in one basket, but this year I have separated them out.

I also took the time to separate out the morning and afternoon classes file folder games. That way the students can pick something more appropriate.

This past summer I covered boxes with different color fabric and placed a picture of the toys that is suppose to go in there. Each having a different color and a picture cue should help A LOT of my little ones to participate in cleaning up.

I am going to be getting paint sticks in the next couple of weeks and writing the theme of each of my books on the paint sticks.

My assessment file is hanging file folders with manila folders inside of each. Each of the manila folders is labeled with a student’s name and whether they are in the am or pm class. Inside of that folder is all of my students assessments that need to be done each trimester. My students that are  beginning their second year have their first year file folder also in the hanging folder labeled am so that I can refer back to that.

I also am going to be using a sensory bin on a more regular basis. I labeled the plastic bin and inside of that in plastic bags is each of the themes I am attempting to collect materials for.  Sorry the picture is fuzzy. All of my themes have containers like this as well that holds all of the activities for that theme. When I get into my room I will take a picture or two.

How do you organize your room?!  

The things I made last week were pretty basic, but something I think all my students will enjoy.
You can link up over at Fourth Grade Frolics

Magnetic magnets… I am going to print some magnetic pages so the kids can place the magnets there. I think they will have fun with that.

I also made There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed…I am going to use this for my little ones to continue to learn shapes and abc’s. used this for sounds but I simplified it.

I also had made some foam stamps out of bottle caps.

All three things are nice and easy, but will definitely be useful this coming school year. J

I am so glad we were able to get up north and see some friends! We definitely needed to get away and the weather was perfect. If you ever get the opportunity to go to Mackinac Island you must go! It is a fun place that can easily fill up a day. My husband and I have gone yearly forever and it is still lots of fun! Anyways, Rachelle over at Life is Sweet in Kindergarten is having the Top 5 Teacher Must Haves and here is my list.

 My kids love dancing and moving. Dr. Jean has lots of catchy tunes that my kids LOVE!
Whenever I am assessing I pull the play-doh out at my center and the kids are occupied and love to play with it. It is also great for fine motor strengthening!

I use LOTS of velcro for charts, scheudles, dots to mark where the students sit on the carpet and for loads of other things throughout the year.

I love this pencil sharpener and even bought the warranty on it. I have used the warranty too! It was definitely a great extra $5.

My kiddos love getting stickers. It is something that can be immediately rewarded for doing a good job and motivated my other little ones to try their best.

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