I don’t know where the summer went and where it is going. I have two weeks before I begin preschool screeners for a week and then IEPs and meetings for a week. I cannot believe summer is almost done. I am definitely beginning to get anxious for the school year to begin. This week is super busy with catching up with friends and trying to complete laminating. I found out that laminating is free at the county intermediate school district building. So I will be taking full advantage of that today! I also was busy with helping my sister pack up and move out to Kansas. She leaves today with my dad to take a third grade teaching position in Garden City. I am SOOO EXCITED for her! She definitely deserves the opportunity to show what a great teacher she is and to just have a full time job. I will definitely miss having her around as it is an 18 hour drive out to Kansas from MI. However, I know I will see her at the holidays and I am hoping to get out there around my spring break possibly. Well, I have been crafting quite a bit while Ethan has been napping this past week. Here are some of my creations and you can link up here Monday Made It:

From www.pre-kpages.com a magnetic spinner. It was super easy and the Halloween spinner is from my Halloween unit on tpt. I used a lid from a cookie tin I no longer use and I made my own arrow as I had no spinners.

The next two activities are ones I got from an Autism resource book. You can get the pictures and the numbers too!

I still need to add velcro below the numbers, but I have not had the opportunity to laminate it yet. On my list of things to do today.

These pizzas I made with my new Cricut cartidge and the idea was inspired from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. I put different color circles on the back and once they are laminated I may add shapes, letters or numbers with a wet erase marker. Multiple skills can be learned with just a few made. :)

Here is a glue poster I created. Glue Poster
Include circle songs

People vs Place Sort
Number Sequence Matching Number Matching Boys Girls
Circle Songs

Enjoy! :)
I have been trying to get ahead on some of units that I wanted to improve and revamo for the fall as I will be taking two grad classes and the fall is always super busy! I created a Pre-K and K Halloween Unit with lots of fun activities and some emergent readers. You can see that at:
Pre-K and K Halloween-Unit

I also created a couple of fun activities for free and here is the link to both of those.
The first one the students use a magnifying glass to find the letters or shapes depending on which you choose to use with your students and record their findings.

Ghostly Letters and Shapes

The second is an idea inspired from Pinterest. You cut the candy corn apart and the students can either match up the colors or letters depending on which you are focusing on in your class.

Candy Corn Letter and Color Matching

Amanda over at One Extra Degree is hosting a classroom organization linky party entitled, Behind Closed Doors Classroom.

 Unfortunately I will not be getting into my room for another couple of weeks, but there are a few changes to improve my organization this year.

The last two years all of my morning and afternoon circle activities have been in one basket, but this year I have separated them out.

I also took the time to separate out the morning and afternoon classes file folder games. That way the students can pick something more appropriate.

This past summer I covered boxes with different color fabric and placed a picture of the toys that is suppose to go in there. Each having a different color and a picture cue should help A LOT of my little ones to participate in cleaning up.

I am going to be getting paint sticks in the next couple of weeks and writing the theme of each of my books on the paint sticks.

My assessment file is hanging file folders with manila folders inside of each. Each of the manila folders is labeled with a student’s name and whether they are in the am or pm class. Inside of that folder is all of my students assessments that need to be done each trimester. My students that are  beginning their second year have their first year file folder also in the hanging folder labeled am so that I can refer back to that.

I also am going to be using a sensory bin on a more regular basis. I labeled the plastic bin and inside of that in plastic bags is each of the themes I am attempting to collect materials for.  Sorry the picture is fuzzy. All of my themes have containers like this as well that holds all of the activities for that theme. When I get into my room I will take a picture or two.

How do you organize your room?!  

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