This past week I got in my classroom and was able to get the majority of it set-up so there wasn't much time for crafting and creating, but I did make this counting beads. This activity was inspired by Kara over at Spedventures. You can get the balloons 1-5
Bead Number Matching

I also finally got the tags laminated and put on the color sensory bottles. I made a worksheet that the students will mark as they find the items for each color. Make sure to glue the bottles (I almost forgot) so that the students can't open them!

I also made contact info magnets so that the parents have the phone number to transportation and to my classroom right at their fingertips. I have just collected magnets from dfferent places and got name labels and wrote the info on there. Stick the sticker on to the magnet! Super easy, but very helpful for your parents/ guardians. (sorry the pic is bad)

Lastly,  on pinterest I have seen all these cute handprint and footprint momentos/ decorations for the holidays and so I was like I need to try this with Ethan. Unfortunately, my son is way too active and trying to get him to sit in my lap and paint his hand and/ or foot is quite the task. I did make two Halloween canvases. His birthday is 2 weeks before then and I love seeing how much he has grown. We stamped his hand and foot the day we got home from the hospital, which was also a challenge since his hands were all curled up, but it fun to see the growth my little guy has made! The one hand on the left he decided he smear back and forth so it is a bit of an abstract spider.

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