This week has felt so long and it is only Tuesday. Monday we finished paperwork and today I had 11 IEPs to place students for next year. I also called all of my parents and let them know about open house and did some more laminating. This evening my husband and I made a Pete the Cat
yellow shirt to use when reading Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons. It was super easy to make. We used yellow felt (2 pieces), buttons and velcro. Matt made the shirt template for me and we tried it out with paper first then. We copied the pattern on to the yellow felt and cut each piece individually. Then, I sewed (I am terrible at sewing!) the pieces together and I flipped it inside out so you wouldn't have to see the sharpie marks. We then cut the shirt up the middle. I added velcro to the back of the four buttons and then attached them. I also added a velcro button for his belly button. It turned out really well! Hopefully my kids love it too!

This is a work in progress.
This is a work in progress. This is the bottom of the gumball machine I created. I need to get extra laminating at school so I can connect it. This large bubblegum machine was inspired by Kelly in From Kindergarten with Love. She has lots of great ideas! I made paper circles and this will be another name game. I also am thinking of using lids and putting letters and numbers on them for the students to identify in small and whole group, but I am working on saving some more.

Finished product (hopefully mine will look the same in the end)!

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