This past week we focused on the idea of fall and the leaves changing, which here is MI we are beginning to see!
We had the students snip paper and glue on to the trees.

The morning students glued tissue paper on to a fall leaf.

The afternoon class painted large fall leaves.

As a whole group I had the students bring up the leaves as I read the poem during circle time. It helps to enforce the colors.

The afternoon class glued square pieces of paper to make their names.

Last week the autism consultant came into my classroom to observe a student and to provide some suggestions as to help him participate more. I have first then boards, but not in colors and the autism consultant stressed the importance of the colors! Green means do and red means you are done. For this particular student we are putting what he must do before going on to the next step (that is something of his choice). We are starting small and going to work our way up this year! :)

First/ then dvd case  

I will let you know how this works. The font is by Erin over at Creating and Teaching. Next week we are going to be focusing on pumpkins. I love Octover because of all the fun themes you can do and with the anticipation of Halloween coming up. The kids get so excited which is fun to see! Have a fabulous weekend!

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