After a somewhat crazy week (Ethan is getting his back molars and has been running a fever off and on) and just crazy at school too (the full moon is definitely effecting my students and parents!), I am ready for the weekend! This week we just focused on Halloween and reviewed songs that we have been practicing the last couple of weeks. A lot of the students are singing along now which is fun to hear and see them act out the actions. Here are some of the things we did.
We made ghosts.
On Wednesday, we had the local fire department visit and they showed the equipment they use to the students and the kids got to go on the fire truck.

Tissue paper mummies.

Marshmallow mummies.

The students used spray bottles filled with paint to fill in stencils.

This was done last week, but I forgot to take a picture. Here is our Go Away Green Monster.
Have a fabulous weekend!
Here is the sub schedule I was talking about. The picture of circle time is on the main schedule and then I move the picture (of circle time) over to here and each of the things done in circle are removed as we do it. I hope this clarifies that!

Well, our ASD consultant came in on Monday and gave me some suggestions to help one of my students that is ASD. She suggested that I make a vertical schedule and stress the all done part so that my students with ASD knows that we are moving on to the next activity. She also suggested and I will try to get a picture of this, a sub schedule for circle time. When I show the circle time picture (the second one) move it to the sub schedule and then move the main picture to the all done side once circle time is completed. So I will be trying this schedule and hopefully it will help all the students!

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