This past October I made lots of fun stuff. It is my stress reliever and needless to say this past month and the upcoming month are going to be stressful ones! Between work, classes and just trying to be a mom (we are transitioning to whole milk which has been quite the challenge!) my time is spread thin.

Anyways, here are some of the fun things I have been up to. You can link up too at 4th Grade Frolics

Eye spy bags. I got this bag from the dentist and got the plastic pellets at Hobby Lobby. The shapes in there are made from foam.

In this bag I included pom-poms, buttons, and foam shapes.
I also made glitter clothespins. Thoughtfully Simple has some great directions of how to do this.

I also made some sensory bags. I used plastic bags, buttons, glitter, and hair gel. All from the dollar store! My kids love them!

Last, but not least something for the upcoming winter season. I used two wine bottles and sprayed them blue. Then, I used spray adhesive on and rolled them in Epsom Salt. I just got some branches with some fun glitter on them for a $1 from Hobby Lobby and this past weekend they were 50% off! Even better! :) Happy Monday!


You can link up at Oh Boy 4th Grade!
This upcoming month is super busy and I am overwelmed just thinking about it. I have conferences, report cards and IEP progress reports due, a few FBA meetings and one of my grad classes is ending and I am trying to get my project all together. Yikes! I am trying to mazimize Ethan's nap times and trying to stay up a little later to get this all done. I am looking forward to our FriendsGiving (weekend before Thanksgiving we get all our friends together for a turkey dinner) and hosting Thanksgiving, but before all that I have lots to do!
A couple of other bloggers posted this Teachers Help Teachers, which I think is a great cause especially after all the destruction that was done to NYC. I know November is busy for many teachers and this can help ease a little of the stress some teachers are facing. So if you are able to help it will help teachers that have lost all of their teaching materials.
Teachers Help Teachers

We did halloween activities this week and had our Halloween party on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun and went really well. There was a good parent turn-out too which was nice!
This week we made witches. The afternoon made this one:
The morning class just made a witch's face.

We colored and laced pumpkins.

We also made Frankenstein faces.

Here are the morning kids all ready to go.

We played with play-doh at one of our centers.

Playing play-doh.

Making Boo Mix, which the kids loved! It was cinnamon toast crunch, mini marshmallows, raisins, and candy corn. The kids scooped it into their baggies.

Snow White helping.

Our last center was playing cars and trucks.

It was a fun, but exhausting week! November is also going to be a super busy month! Conferences, lots of meetings, being observed, and Thanksgiving! Yikes! Anyways, have a fabulous weekend!

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