We try to make my little ones as independent about putting on their coats and  backpacks, but something we are running into now with hats, mittens, and other winter accessories. So I made this picture prompt to show the students what goes on first. I am sure this will help to prompt them through the process.

The last few weeks I have been terrible about taking pictures, but here are a few I have taken.

Clipping on turkey feathers. With the afternoon class I had them roll a color and then find that clothespin and attach it.

A turkey handprint and poem for our parents/guardians.

Food Sensory bin. Leaves are also in there, but they are not visible. I had the kids sort the food by color and identify the food that they found.

Snip paper turkeys.

Tissue paper corn husk.Another way to make this a bit more challenging is to have the children crinkle the tissue paper into little balls. It's great for fine motor practice.

 Turkey hats

Happy Turkey Day!

After a fun and exhausting weekend I did end up making these two songs. We had Friends Giving, which is when we try to get some of our college friends that live in the area together again. Fortunately each year (this is our 3rd annual one) we get a few more friends to join us. It was a lot of fun and great to catch up with everyone! Then, today was just trying to get laundry done, reclean the house, and get ready for Thanksgiving (we host this as well). Lots of fun!
Anyways, I have been putting off making these since the summer and as I was cleaning up some of my teaching stuff in the basement when I came across them.  I made up the songs so I can put them on a posterboard for my little ones. February will be here before I know it and I will forget about it if I don't do it right away.
You can download them from Scribd or my tpt store. I made the transportation song two ways. One for you to just sing and another way that's a little more interactive.

Transportation Song

Wheels on the Train

Enjoy and Yay for a short week!
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