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Holiday Counting

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As I was putting up my holiday decorations I came across some of my creations from when I was younger. Here is something that is cute and relatively inexpensive.

Using a wire hanger form it into a diamond shape. Then using nylons cover the diamond wire hanger. Then using construction paper make eye, anters, and a nose. Now you can hang it up!

Tomorrow I have conferences. It is nice to finally get an opportunity to talk to some of the parents, but it also makes for a long day! Well, wish me luck.

Many of my students flip through the books quickly and are done in like 5 seconds. To slow them down and actually look at the pictures I made a few interactive books. This was inspired from my co-worker, Diana. She said she had made some of these when she taught an AI room and so I thought this would be a great activity for my students as well.
Here's how I did it:
1.) Scan the pictures from the book.
2.) Print the pictures on cardstock and laminate.
3.) Cut out the pictures
4.) Put velcro on the back of the picture and on the picture in the book.
5.) When I give this to the students I am going to have the students pull off the the pictures and put them in in a basket.
I will try to get a picture this week of my students doing this. I used board books are the pages are durable. :) I will let you know how my little ones do with it.

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