I have been terrible about taking pictures of what's happening in my room lately! Hopefully, next week I'll be better about it. We started off the holiday season with the theme the gingerbread man and with the afternoon class I also talked about the 5 senses.

Here is the Holiday Sensory bin. The kids love opening and closing the tins and boxes and finding little items.

We talked about the 5 senses and made a Mr. Potato Head. We also practiced building Mr. Potato Head with picture prompts.  

We rolled marbles around to decorate our gingerbread men.

We also sang the 5 senses song and read many variations of the Gingerbread Man. It was a fun couple of weeks and next week we dive into Christmas. We have started a few activities so far. We have started singing Must Be Santa and saying the Santa Poem. I posted the picture prompts we use here. I love checking out all the fun Holiday activities other teachers are doing! It is fun to see! I hope you have a great weekend!

This Monthly Monday Made It is more geared to my home! I love crafting and I finally am able to put a few of the things I made over the summer on display! I made this wreath last year and it was super easy. Use a wire hanger, shape it into a circle, and string different size ornaments on to the wire!

This is a place to keep my cards. Just a piece of wood from Hobby Lobby and I painted it and added ribbon.

Lastly, I got this shadow box from IKEA. I love IKEA! The best place to get this and that! Anyway, I added red paper to the back and added bells that my mom had in her basement. Then, I used my cricut and cut out the words jingle bells!

Something I did made for my little ones was some interactive books. It is great for early finishers! I posted about this previously and you can see how I did it here:
The kids really seem to enjoy them!

Make sure to link up at fourth grade frolics for some other fun ideas!!!

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