My co-workers have done some really cute art projects that I wanted to share. The kindergarten teacher made elves with Elf Applications. I have seen some similar elves on pinterest, but not with the child's actual face.

Here is a cute hand reindeer.

This is not a very good picture but it is a Santa that the kids snipped the red paper and then put cotton balls on his beard and end of his hat. You can get the coloring sheet here

My kids made their paper ornaments that open and have a picture of the child on the inside.

I have been loving checking out the blog arts and craft ideas for the holiday season! Have a great rest of the week!

Words cannot express how devastated I was after hearing about the tragedy in CT. It is scary to think of being a teacher in that situation and to be a parent that has lost their child in that way. My heart and prayers go out to all affected.

The last couple of weeks in school the kids have been celebrating the holidays with lots of holiday songs and crafts. Make sure to check out last year's holiday post that has some fun songs and a few activities we did here.

We made tissue paper wreaths out of small paper plates and green and red tissue paper. It is a great fine motor activity for the students. They have to crinkle the tissue paper and then glue it on.

We also made Santa. There was a focus on shapes with this particular Santa. This was a two day project we did last week as we had the kids cut out the triangle and his beard, which was quite a challenge.

We also made reindeer bags last week, which I will get a picture of tomorrow. Many of my little ones have been out sick and so a combination of projects have been going on. We also started making our parents Christmas gift (an ornament) which I will get a picture of tomorrow as well. On Wednesday we have our class party and on Thursday Santa is visiting to read a story and hand out candy canes. It is going to be a fun week! :)
This is something I made a couple weeks ago and have not had the opportunity to post yet. My morning class is still really struggling with colors and this is able to be done independently. You can get it at my tpt store Sort by Color or download from Scribd. Have a fabulous week!

Sort By Color File Folder Game
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