To ring in the new year I thought I would share a couple of freebies.
You can get the Fine Motor Mitten Counting by clicking on one of the links below:

Fine Motor Mitten Counting tpt

Fine Motor Counting tn

Here are a couple of fonts I have been working on as well. You can always check out the font tab for more fonts.

Enjoy and have a safe and fun New Year's Eve!

Before I share a new winter freebie and some new fonts I wanted to share a couple of stocking my husband's grandma sewed for us! They are all hand sewn, enormous, and beautiful! It was a fun Christmas suprise this year as she made one for everyone.

 Now for some freebies...
Winter Count, Match, Record on tpt

on TN

I also received an I-pad stylus pen and have been busy creating some new fonts (much easier with a pen than your finger!). The first two you will have to click on to see a sample of the font. All I ask is that you credit me for the font if you use it. Thanks! :)





Freebie Fridays
Have a great weekend!

I am linking up with Kristin at a Teeny Tiny Teacher to share 13 memorables things from this year.

Sadly, this year I got rid of my favorite article of AE dark denim Artist jeans. I wore them until there were holes in the knees and the stretch was outstretched...LOVE them.  After this baby is born I will be buying some new oes that's for sure!


I haven't been to the theater in over a year, but we have been doing some on demand movies and this one I was pleasantly surprised about. I was worried it was going to be a little too depressing, but honestly it is great and there is some comedy in it.
I am Obsessed with The Mindy Project!

And New Girl! Tuesday nights are my favorite!

It is a local soup and sandwich place by work and I am obsessed with the grilled cheese from there! 
I have been doing game Fridays with my kiddos and they love it! I also love how we are using less paper (we keep getting in trouble for using too much in our building) and it is still learning the skills they need!

I would have to say getting pregnant again. After my surgery this past Jan. I was concerned that it would be a lot more challenging to get pregnant and I am fortunate enough that everything has gone smoothly and I have had no further health issues!

Right now I am all about decorating the baby's nursery and this picture has been my inspiration. The room was already painted a similar color and tomorrow I am off to IKEA after we find out what we are having to buy the dresser and chair and I may try to get the comforter set I have picked out too. You can check out the nursery inspiration here.

My Monday Made It Visuals. I use these visuals all the time and the kids have responded so well to them!


Watching my son grow up. He is overall very well behaved and so happy! He is my world and I am so proud of him!

I love this picture of us! I had just found out I was pregnant in it and we were all so excited!


I don't know if I can narrow it down to just one. Probably Ethan first seeing the baby at the initial ultrasound because he was not so sure about that picture on the screen really being a baby. He comes with me to each appt and the idea is growing on him, which is fun to see.
This picture says it all...


To relax. I have been feeling really stressed and I need to just chill out. Everything works itself out.

I want to savor every moment with Ethan and Matt, as well as, with my kiddos at work and the less I stress the more I will enjoy!
And that's my 13 in 13.
Make sure to link up and share your 13 in '13

I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday.

Now that I am off for two weeks I have already begun to think about what I want to accomplish over break besides spending LOTS of time with family and friends...
Two of the things I want to get done are getting my fridge and pantry organized...they are a hot mess!

And getting the baby's room started. I think I am nesting mode already. We find out Monday what we are having! Yay! I also have an IKEA trip planned for Monday after the ultrasound so it should be a fun day! I also want to start pulling out Ethan's baby stuff and cleaning it up and going through what can be used again. Unfortunately when I am teaching I am too tired to do these things after work and on the weekends so it is either now or not until April, which just in case something happens I want to be ready. I also just love planning this kind of stuff!

Anyways, here is my five for Friday. This one is a little random, but it here it goes.

1. I saw this on a friend's facebook post and I couldn't agree more! My kids were just off especially as the week progressed and I think it was due to both of these things.

2. We had pajama day, Santa visit, and our holiday party this week. It was loads of fun! Check out my post from a couple of days ago going over in more detail what we did.

3. Here are a copuple of activites our OT did with the kids that they loved. These activities work on crossing the midline, core strength, and mouth strength. Click on the picture for the activities.

4.  When I return to school I have four new kiddos starting. One I had a couple of years ago and has some challenging behaviors so I printed out some social stories that may help. We shall see!

5. I also wanted to share this great website I found for speech and autism resources...check under Materials Exchange for lots of great freebies!

Our speech path shared this with me and I have been exploring and finding some great stuff! I have a list of things to try and to print to use with my kiddos.

Have a great weekend! We have a busy one ahead of us, but I am excited because it includes seeing family we don't see very often. :)
I need to keep this in the back of my mind this week...

After a fun did snow and Ethan loved the snow this year! (Last year he just cried whenever we went outside).

This upcoming week is going to be busy and the routine is going to be all over.  With all these changes and even though we talk about it, sometimes my little ones meltdown. I have been feeling quite hormonal myself lately and may also have a meltdown with them.

Anyways, here is a look at our week:
Monday Santa visits
Tuesday: Pajama Day (Polar Express Day)
Wednesday: Holiday Party
Thursday: normal day
Friday: hopefully a normal day.

Now for a  little freebie. Yesterday since we were snowed in I made a trace numbers and shape sheet. We sing Dr. Jean's numeral song and shape song daily. Usually I have the students write and draw these shapes and numbers in the air, but I think if they start actually tracing them it will be more meaningful for my little ones. I am going to put them on different color construction paper (double sided) and laminate to be used everyday.

Also, I made a recording sheet for the Elf Opposites I posted on Friday. I wanted to make a recording sheet, but wasn't sure how I wanted to go about it and finally it came to me...cut and paste! So make sure to download the newest version. I also uploaded it to tpt. 

Have a great week and remember to stay calm!!!!

Is anyone else having a mild freak out as Christmas is only 2 weeks away and I have like nothing ready?! Yikes! I have quite a bit to do (bake cookies, finish shopping, and finish getting everything ready at school before break comes) and I realized last night how soon it was going to be here! I just need to remember to breathe and everything will get done.

Anyways, after having many of these mostly done I got around to finishing them tonight. I know many of you are going on break in the next week, but hopefully you can use them or save them for next year.

We are going to be having a pajama day and reading The Polar Express. Here is an emergent reader that is a great supplement to it.



What's Inside the Box? Game


I also have posted three Christmas Finger Poems with props for $1 in tpt and tn

Now for a Holiday linky that I thought would be fun to join in.

Hope over at Second Grade Shenanigans is hosting this holiday linky.

Normally, my list mostly consists of clothes, but being pregnant this year I do not have any clothes on there this year because I have enough maternity clothes for now.

Anyways, this list is pretty small:
A scotch laminator

 An ipad pen stylus

 Cricut font cartidges

That's it this year. The big thing is for the baby's room to be completed. I can't wait to find out and start decorating!

Have a great rest of the week!

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