Smartboard or i-pads?

Well, our building has some bond money left and we  have to choose between a smart board or i-pads for the class. Which would you prefer or do you have and like better? I currently have some students that are about 18 months developmentally and was not sure if there were activities/games available on the Smart board for them. I looked at Lakeshore and didn't find much that I feel they would be able to do, but maybe I am just not aware of some other great Smart board games. Also, how durable is the Smart board. Sometimes I do have students throwing items and they can be rough on different things. Would a Smart board or i-pad be more durable.  So I need some help. I am looking forward to the feedback.


  1. Hmm, tough choice! (but a good situation to be in! It's great that you will get one of those!!) I love both my SmartBoard and my iPad, so either would be great, but I think you would probably get more out of the iPad. There's tonnnns of apps for the little ones that will be very engaging! Just make sure you get a heavy duty case (there are some great ones) incase it gets dropped!

    The Resource Room Teacher

  2. How exciting! I have both a Smartboard and an iPad in my categorical classroom for ASD kiddos. I find my iPad much more useful because it can be more individualized for student needs. It's also a great motivator for my students and I'd assume it would work for most of your students as well. There are also cases for iPads that make claim to make them 'indestructible.' My speech pathologist has the case and it really seems great.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! The iPad sounds like the best option!


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