Who Let the Dogs Out Game

I found this a while back, but have not had the opportunity to make it, but on our snow day on Monday I finally got around to it! :) I found the idea on Dr. Jean's site and you can find the post here.
I just used a beanie baby and attached a round magnet that I had from a previous project onto the dog's nose.

This is how the game works. Put magnets on the back of the dog house or put on poster board and laminate. Place all the letters in the dog’s house. (use magnetic letters or attach a paper clip to each card provided). Then using the dog provided attach a magnet to the dog’s nose or to a stuffed animal dog’s nose. Have the students find the letters, numbers, colors or shapes. Students identify and then put it in the dog’s dish. I am looking forward to doing this with my kiddos next week.
Who Let the Dog Out?


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