Five for Friday

Today started my winter break and it was a super productive day, which I love! I was able to get to the gym, get some homework done, and some errands done that I have been putting off. I also got to spend the day with Ethan!

Anyways, five random things from this week.

1. We played a game where the students draw a heart (I used these particular hearts for number and letters- the letters underneath) and then stamp the letter the student chose. All the students stamp it because our center time isn't that long. The recording sheet is from Prekinders

2. We practiced counting out hearts with mini erasers and some heart ice cube trays I got at Target in the $1 section.

3. We practiced writing our numbers and colors with this How Many Hearts book from my Hearts, Hearts, Hearts unit on TPT

4. One of my students just did this on his own. He spelt his name with the letters that they trace with cars.  

5. The afternoon class practiced lacing their name.
One last random thing. My finds from Target today! I love a good buy and all of these things were 50% off!
I know Valentine's day has just ended, but I made a few math activities for St. Patrick's day. You can get it here or



  1. Fun activities! I love finding deals at Target. I'm headed there tomorrow. Enjoy your break!

    Live Love Laugh and Teach!

  2. Your blog is too cute!! I love it! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your blog is adorable and your activities this week look great! I am your newest follower. :)

    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  4. Thanks for the cute march math freebies! They look great!

    KinderKids Fun


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