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On pinterest yesterday I found this really useful site where you can create your own PECS boards with one image to 16 images per page. You can also use real pictures or boardmaker pictures. If you don't have boardmaker they do offer some images you can use and if you do have boardmaker you can upload your own pictures. I played around with it and it was extremely easy to use.
Create Visual Supports

I hope you find it helpful too!

Also, I have been in the process of changing how I progress monitor. Previously, I used to take LOTS of anecdotal notes daily that were kept in a folder. Then, at the end of the year the folder was put into my file drawer. Well, needless to say it has been taking up lots of space and wasn't as organized as it should be. So now I am just keeping a checklist with the activity listed at the top. All of the students names are in the far left column. I am keeping a check plus for students that are able to completely do the task, check for ones that are having some trouble, and check minus for students that do not understand the task or skill at all. The date of the activity is kept at the bottom. I got a small binder and am keeping each of the sheets in there. Much more organized and some less work. I am able to take notes on the back if necessary, but this is much easier and faster.

Here is what it looks like. This one is for my class so I was just checking if the children knew a skill or not, but on an activity there would be check pluses and minuses as well.

Make sure to check out Ashley's blog The Resource Room Teacher for some more great ideas to help your students with special needs!


  1. Kate-
    Oh, how I love PECs boards! I use them for so many different things! What I love about your Pinterest find is that it already has the template created and you just add the appropriate pictures. I know many of my students do better with real pictures, instead of Boardmaker images, so this would be an easy way to create those boards!

    I also like the Valentine number/color activity! I think I will differentiate for my kids that are writing and have them write the number and the color word. And, they all love to create books, so I think we will turn this into a book to send home on Thursday!

  2. I found this post through The Resource Room Teacher's linky. I can't wait to look at those PECS pictures site. We have Boardmaker at our school, but I don't always have access to it (we all have to borrow it).

    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  3. I've also been trying to make my data tracking easier. I've been doing a similar approach (but circling yes or no). I like the checks, too!

    Extra Special Teaching

  4. I hope you all find the PECS board site helpful! I love the idea of having your students writing the number and color word!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the PECS site! That seems super useful! Data is such a challenge for me.. I either feel like I'm not taking enough notes or I'm taking too much and I have tons of paper everywhere! I like the system you've started using, straight to the point, which is key!

    Thanks for linking up! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

  6. I love the checklist system - I'm all about efficiency! Thanks for the freebie - it'll be perfect for one of my kiddos!

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper


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