Cabin Fever and a Spring Freebie

Ethan was sick so I stayed home with today and I feel like I am going stir crazy just like the kids. I am anticipating spring weather like crazy. I am tired of clouds and 20 degree weather especially after watching baseball spring training! I want to go to Florida!  I did want to share this cute winter writing a kindergarten teacher in my building did. The students worked in pairs to finish the prompt and they give some clues about what is hiding under the snowpile. So cute!

Now for some springtime fun! I found these pinwheels at Target last year and was trying to think of a new use for them. Last year, during circle time I had the students spin it and tell me what color or letter they landed on. This year I think I am going to make it more interactive by having them do it at centers. The children will spin the pinwheel and record what it landed on.  I think they will enjoy it. Hopefully, you can get to Target and pick some up. Enjoy!

You can grab the recording sheets here. 

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