Homemade Pointers

Another idea from the Shared Reading conference was the use of pointers. I have used a pointer for the special helper to point to the numbers for counting, alphabet, etc. but she suggested how to make these and they are much more durable then some of the fun ones I got from Target in the dollar section. I made these pointers out of large paint sticks, paint, glitter, and foam stickers.

Here are some small group pointers for students to use in books and I used them with my kids and they loved using them. It helped them point to each word and directionality.  

We also used the phones, which they love! We have used these many times before and the kids always love hearing themselves talk.

The next couple days are busy ones. An observation tomorrow (it was suppose to be last week and it was cancelled) and Thursday are conferences. I can't wait for spring break next week! It definitely can't come soon enough.

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