Monday Made It

 This past month I actually was able to make quite a few things just because it was cold out and Ethan and I weren't able to get outside a lot and nap time is a great time to get creative! First, I made some colored rice. You can get the recipe at  Share and Remember

I made some ABC environmental print posters that I will laminate and then use to review the letters with the students. I tried to make the pictues things that they would know and see, use or go to on a regular basis. The original idea for the environmental posters came from Kelly at From Kindergarten with Love. She has lots of great ideas if you haven't been to her blog yet.

This is what Kelly's looked like.

 I made shape fish. I have made these for ABC's, colors, and numbers. When I taught K I had sight word ones too. Students use a magnetic wand as the fishing pole and go fishing for the fish. My kids love doing this!

For the home I made a new wreath for the front door inspired by one I saw on etsy. I may change the M color as it doesn't show up so great.

Also, I painted this frame and saw this cute saying for the laundry room.

 Make sure to share what crafts you have created for school or home at4th Grade Frolics.

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