Transportation cont'd and Blogs by State

We finished up transportation last week and I forgot to share these fun crafs we did. We practiced snipping paper and made a traffic light.
We also stamped out transportation patterns. With the morning class we just stamped each of the forms of transportation and I had the students repeat the word. They really enjoyed it.

Also, something fun to check out are the blogs by state over at

Fifth in the Middle

I'm a Michigan blogger and I must say I do love our state! I am anxiously waiting for the weather to warm up a bit, but I love being close to water whereever you go. Also, I just noticed in this picture she is missing the U.P.! I went to school up there and it is absolutely beautiful and shouldn't be forgotten about. Make sure to link up at Fifth in the Middle!



  1. LOL! I did notice that Melonheadz didn't include the U.P. in her Michigan clipart, but I wasn't going to try to find something else :) I hope that you'll forgive my laziness on that!

    Fifth in the Middle


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