Visuals for Songs

This past year I have been trying to make visuals of the movements so that the kids have a picture to go with the word. I have made pictures of the animals for our Zoo Movement and Animal Action songs, as well as, Going on a Bear Hunt and Sammy. This past week I made visuals for the Body Rock, Simon Says Body Parts, and the Shakin Body Parts song. I believe all of the songs are by Greg and Steve.

I have to get back to school to print a couple of pictures.

Here are the pictures prompts I use for Dr. Jean's Zoo Movement song, Sammy, and Animal Action from Greg and Steve.

A couple of great sites to get different boardmaker visuals are or SETBC. I got these pictures from SETBC. Having the visuals for the songs helps the students immensely! They know what is coming next and are able to begin to make connections and expand their vocabulary. Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I teach ECSE, too. I can't wait to use these.
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