Butterfly Number Clips {FREEBIE}

Fortunatel today went smoothly! Yay! The next couple of weeks we will be talking about plants and bugs. My kids love talking about this and they get really excited about planting their own flower. However, this time of the year once again brings lots of assessing to be done. I keep a small group of 3-4 students with me while I am assessing a child. I try to do one simple assessment a day (for example, shapes) and get through that whole group during the 10-15 minutes that they are with me. I find that this decreases the kids anxiety because everyone has to do it and because it is for a very short time. However, I need to keep the other little ones occupied and tasks like these help with that! It is something many of them can do independently. I have some similar clothespin games with lilypads and frogs. The kids love those so I am sure they will love these!

You can get this butterfly clothespins here or

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  1. It is so hard to get all that assessing done AND keep the others occupied. Cute freebie! Thanks!
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