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Topic - Stranded on an Island-What three things would you have to have with you?

1. Pictures of Ethan or him...Am I allowed to bring a person?

2. iPhone

I have become quite dependent on my phone. Hopefully I would have some cell service to get a hold of someone to come pick me up. :)

3. a hair tie

I always start the day out with my hair down, but by the end it is always up in a ponytail or in a messy bun.

What would you bring with you?! Happy Sunday! I am heading back into work after being off for a week and the anxiety of going back is already beginning. I hate having to go back. You never know how the kids will be after a week off and the routine being different. Also, there have been some other changes occuring that are making me somewhat apprehensive. Well, for now I just need to enjoy the rest of my day off and I hope everyone else has a great day!



  1. Going back is always tough. Good luck!
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  2. Good luck with going back tomorrow! Hope all goes smoothly. I like the hair tie idea. I always like to have one in my purse for when my hair is bothering me!
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  3. You can probably bring one person, right? Go Tigers! I'm a Michigan blogger too. :)
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  4. Your sweetie is adorable! :) I'm glad you 'took him on this trip'! :) Thanks for sharing! :) Good luck on your first day back! :)


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  5. I think people are allowed. =) I brought my kiddos too.

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