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I use to use morning messages with my Kindergarten students on a daily basis and I made them as interactive as possible. I would have the students use white boards and follow along while I called other students up and we worked on lots of skills (math, language, etc)! I even put some of the messages onto overheads and the students could fill them in at center time, which they loved. However, when I began teaching ECSE their attention span was way shorter and I got away from it. After talking to the other ECSE teachers we are going to try to do morning messages again, even if with just the pm class. I have created some fun morning messages that I am going to try to use next year and will reinforce many of the skills being taught on a daily basis.

Here is a snapshot of what they look like. One is a sample of the Pre-K and Kindergarten.

This one is from the preschool packet.

You can get the preschool messages here

and the Pre-K and Kindergarten morning messages here and here  

Lots of skills are reinforced. One of the messages I thought would be fun and my kids would enjoy would be this. It will help with their deducting skills and language skills. Here is a freebie that is included in all three packets.

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