Hopefully when I return to work on Monday I will see some of the plants starting to sprout up. We planted some sunflowers and marigolds. The kids got the choice. (Yes there is some snow on the ground here in MI :( and it's April! Ugh!)

Here we are sorting out worms by size (big, medium, little) challenging for some of my kids. You can get the sorting sheet here at the worm sorting post I shared last week.
For next week we are going to build a flower as a group. My morning class will match the pieces. (There are 12-one for each of my kiddos) and the afternoon will build it by themselves on the back. It will help me to see what plant parts the kids know and don't know.  

Here we are sorting what things we need to plant a flower and don't need. You can get that here in my In the Garden Packet.

Happy Saturday!

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