World Autism Awareness Day

Since today is World Autism Awareness Day I just wanted to share a few changes I have made to accomodate my students with Autism. Honestly these changes were made specifically for them, but have helped all the other students too!

These pictures are from my portfolio and give a quick overview of some of the changes.

I would triple bag the baggies. Mykids broke threw two bags.

The visual schedule has made a huge difference and all of the kids like it because they know what to anticipate and know what is done. For my student that is emotionally impaired it helps him to know he doesn't have that much left depending on what he is working for.

These fine motor activities are also great for your early finishers. My kids always choose to do them.

Something new I plan on trying when we return from spring break is during our singing of Dr. Jean's Numeral Song (sung daily) is giving each child a baggie with all the numbers in to trace while we sing the song. My one student with Autism loves tracing the big numbers I have to show them how to do it. I think all the kids will enjoy tracing them rather than drawing them in the air or on the carpet. I will try to take a picture of my cards at school when I return on Monday.

If you are on break I hope you are having a relaxing time and if not I hope you're having a great Tuesday!


  1. Love fine motor tasks! It's fun for our kiddos but still working on those fine motor skills they need :)

    My Special Learners

  2. Love those sensory items!

    Im a new follower (and special ed teacher)!

    Ms. Rachel
    Ms. Rachel’s Room


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