Five for Friday

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Only 3-1/2 more days and then I will be on summer vacation! Yay! I know the kids are just as ready too as they are very unfocused and antsy. Here are some highlights from this week.

1. Last week the afternoon class made monkey puppets.

2. The am and pm class made these cute turtles...I love the face on this one.

3. Using contact paper, extra lamination, and glitter we made transparent jellyfish.

4. We played a popcorn letter and number game. The kids draw a popcorn out of the bucket and identify it. I also had them tell me if it is a letter or number (quite challenging for many of them) and then they put it in their bag.

5. Tomorrow I am going to be running a 5k that I haven't done the last couple of years. I am looking forward to it and am curious to see what kind of shape I am really in.


  1. Hi Kate-

    I can't wait to spend more time at your blog and check out your TPT! Both of my sons are in ECSE {one with ASD and the other mild DD} makes me want to go back to school for a second masters so I can work with younger students!

    Best of luck in your 5K,
    The Classroom Creative

  2. I am so jealous you are running in a 5K! You are going to motivate me to run again. :) I love your jellyfish!
    Preschool Wonders

  3. I ran a 5k last year on mother's day and it was the funnest experience! I used the iphone app to train and it worked like a charm!
    Whimsy Workshop

  4. I do what I like to refer to as a joggle-part jog,part waddle! I used Runners World to train for a marathon and it was a great schedule. One foot infront of the other was my mantra! Have a blast!

  5. The 5K went great! Thanks for all the well wishes!


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