What Will You Do Differently {Linky Party}

Finding Joy in 6th Grade is hosting this linky and I love the idea of reflecting on the improvements you want to make for the upcoming school year. I have been thinking about it and making a summer to do list of the things I would like to include or change. Here are the main ones.

My kiddos need to work on waiting their turn and sharing. What a better way than playing a game! My afternoon class I have a lot of great games that I have made and bought, but the morning class because some of their ability levels are so low are going to be a bit more of a challenge, but I am going to try making some off ideas from pinterest and just think of ways to simplify the games I have.

One of my co-workers incorporated this idea and I definitely want to incorporate this in a couple of ways. I have weekly boardmaker vocab words for each theme, but once Monday is done they are not specifically focused on again. So next year I want to put them in my Carson Dellosa dice and have students identify one of the pictures before they say their name (the morning class rolls a dice to eachother and who ever has the die is the only one allowed to talk). At the end of the week I will be able to put them up on the picture/ word wall and it can be referred to or activities can be done with it all year long!
It's a mess! I need to get tabs and separate the morning and afternoon class and circle time vs centers for each.

At the end of this year there was some extra stresses that I was  letting get to me and I was feeling VERY stressed out and focusing more on the negative than the positive. Next year, I need to focus more on the positive and just have fun. I love my kiddos and they feed off of your energy so it needs to stay positive and fun!
What changes are you going to make for the upcoming school year?


  1. Hi Kate:
    We have a Friday "game day" and it has really helped with social skills. Although my students are in sixth grade, their turn-taking skills and polite exchanges are still in need of practice...
    Good luck with your other goals as well.
    And thanks so much for linking up with my first Linky Party!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I hope we find the "game day" just as beneficial!

  3. I have the carson dellosa dice as well and think for my morning class the vocab in there would be a great idea :)I have a summer to do list as well to make some new things to go with our lessons, pintrest is adding to the list constantly.
    Danielle in ND


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