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I am linking up with The Applicious Teacher to share my classroom Management strategies.
 I have a behavior chart that I use with my afternoon class only. The students can move up or down. I have pictures of happy and what the consequence is so they know what happens. It needs to be very clear and literal. If the students move up they get a sticker, positive reinforcement and a prize if all the way to the top. If they are having some trouble behaving they get a warning, then a time-out and if it continues missing out on some of outside time, some gym time, or the play center. I also keep in contact with the parents about negative and positive behavior because they are a key influence on a negative behavior changing and a positive behavior continuing. If I notice something extraordinary I try to write home about it and make a big deal to encourage the behavior to continue.

I have schedules all over my classroom. My students need to know what's next to reduce their anxiety and stress about transitioning to the next activity. This is the one I currently use. It changed half way through the year. The key to this is emphasizing what is done and what is next.

I also have a separate schedule for circle time because that is a longer chunk of our day.

Lastly, the use of visuals. This is just one that I use. There are visuals all over my classroom. They are also all in different sizes and many of them are located in different areas of the classroom for easy access.

For my kiddos routine and following through on consequences is the key to their success. Some of them like to push the limit to see how far they can go, but with lots of persistence and getting them to understand their expectations they are able to behave and succeed!

What classroom management techniques do you do to help your kids be successful?!

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  1. I love all the visual reminders and schedules through out your classroom. I know you teach a different kind of student, but I know this can be beneficial to ALL kinds of learners. Thanks for sharing and for linking up!

    The Applicious Teacher


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