Lesson Plan Organization

This year I organized my lesson plans differently than I have in the past and I must say I really like it. I am hoping it will make planning for next year a little easier too! I can have my students up to three years and for some of my students they are in the morning class for two years (the younger group) and other times the students may be in the afternoon class for two consecutive years. Most times I have the same theme for the am and pm class, but usually with different activities or the activities are differentiate accordingly. With that said, I try to keep things new and changing each year, which gets hard at times. There are some activities that I feel are necessary every year for the am or pm class, but I don't want to bore the kids. So this is how my lesson plan binder I used this year should help with all of this.

I got a huge binder. It did have a cover page on it, but it fell off. :(
I have a schedule of our day.
I have an outline of my monthly themes, letter we are on and anything else special then.

Then I had my lesson plans...

And behind each of the lesson plans was my newsletter for the week and the books and other worksheets done that week.

Since going through the binder it has been MUCH easier to see what I have done versus just reading it on the lesson plan because sometimes the title of the activity I think is something else. Also, by seeing what we have done I should be able to not duplicate activities. If I do choose to keep the same activity (such as the weekly theme vocab words for my am) then I can take it out and put it in my 2013-2014 lesson plan binder.
I wish I could keep everything on the computer and just look at it, but I still find having the hard copy easier than the digital version.
How do you organize all of your lesson plans and papers that go with it (especially if you have students for more than one year?!)


  1. I'm so glad you like my leaf positional book and I'm honored to see it in your planning binder. Happy Organizing!

  2. Thank you for sharing how you organize your lessons! Looks great! Question for you...during your "center" time...are the kids having play time and doing the center activity when they choose or are you pulling kids? How does that work? I co-teach in an inclusion classroom, 3 to 5 year olds so I'm always interested in how others do things! Thanks for sharing :)


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