Monday Made It

I had a busy week crafting. Sorry this is going to be a little long. The positive thing is some of these projects took just minutes once you have the supplies. :)

I made a sea glass Mason jar. You can get the recipe here. I found just two drops of food coloring was enough and I recommend using a foam brush. I am going to use it as a vase in our kitchen.

2. I made some Halloween mummies. Another quick and easy craft. All you again need are Mason jars, googly eyes (I glued those on first), mod podge and some gauze. Wrap the gauze around the mason jar and you have mummies.

3. This one was for Ethan (excuse the messy table). This was so easy I may need to do it as an end of the year gift for next year. You just need some sponges and a hair tie. You get a video here at Valerie's blog Inner Child.

4. This one took me awhile. Our fold out chairs and tables made over.
First I removed all of the old vinyl and padding. Took out all the screws.


Second, I only needed two cans of cheap black spray paint and sprayed them.
Next, I got vinyl for $4 (two yards worth) and cut it out to fit the bottoms of the chairs and the table top.
Then, I went around and nailed the vinyl over what was left.
Last, put it all back together. It took awhile, but was overall an easy project to complete and cheap (Only $6!) and now they don't look so grungy.
Here are some things I made for school.
Last year, I made fabric bins and unfortunately they did not hold up with how hard my kids can be on boxes when putting things away. I think these duct tape ones will work way better. You can get the link to how to make these here. These are way easier to make than fabric ones and I have a feeling will be more durable. I just used one color. The link has more colorful ones. Each of the toy boxes I am trying to make different colors for easier clean-up.
1. I covered the bottom first with just straight lines around.

2. Then I went around the sides and once fully around stopped and cut it and then went on to the next strip.

3. I cut out the handles for easy pick-up.

Last year, I printed the pictures to designate the different areas of the room and honestly there was something about them I didn't like. So I went back and just color coded them to my center chart. This should be easier for my students to differentiate and just look a little neater to me.

Lastly, I completed my progress monitoring binder for next year.

I got dividers for each trimester.

And then I divided circle time and centers and am vs. pm.

Whew! If you made it to here thanks for reading! I hope you found some fun and easy new craftss to do this summer!

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  1. You've been busy - it all looks great! I love the idea for color coding the boxes.



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