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I am linking up with The First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday. I picked one of my most popular posts to share. After looking back at how my classroom started to what it ended as there were some changes (my visual schedule, way more visuals added, and just placement of furniture).  I also can see some more things that I would like to change for next year.  It is also hard to believe I have been blogging now for almost 2 years! Where has the time gone?!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 2- Getting Classroom Ready

Day 2 was a success! I got my bulletin boards done and completed the laminating I wanted to get done. I also was able to get some of my apple activities out. When I go into my classroom on Wednesday I will have some extra help so I can get things copied and get my assessment files completed.

I use these picture prompts at centers so my students know what to do.

Classroom rules, behavior chart, and more picture prompts.

This is the finished starting the day poster.

picture schedule. I remove each of the pictures following it being done.
Behavior chart and classroom rules.

Calendar area. It is all accessible to the kids this year because they loved being able to point to everything when they were the special helper last year.
The months and days of the week were placed at the bottom.

Birthday bulletin board. More cupcakes will go up once I get my class list and see how many kids I have. Last year I had LOTS of January birthdays.
I am going to try using circle time prompts this year. My calendar picture went MIA though. I am on the hunt for it.

We will be making school buses with pictures of us that will go up there.

Money and opposites posters.
Money and opposites posters.

Shapes, colors and ABC posters.
My desk- that is for Day 3.

Pocket chart. I use shower curtain rings that were on clearance for the rings. The number chart, center chart, abc chart and whose here chart are all on there. The rack is from IKEA.
An overall view of my classroom.

I updated my IEP data collection graph. I use this to record how the students are doing on their IEP goals and when I go to plug it in to tienet it makes it super quick and easy. It also is easy to refer to when we have child study meetings and for report cards.
IEP Data Collection

I can't wait to see everyone elses rooms and the progress they are making. More pics to come following Wednesday.

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Have a great Thursday and I can't wait to check out everyone else's Throwback blog posts. :)

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