An Apple a Day- Intervention

I am linking up with Sticky Notes and Glitter for An Apple Day. This week is all about intervention.

ECSE is all about intervention.  Some of the interventions are simple and some are more complex depending on the students need and ability.  It may be a providing a different seating option for circle time or centers...

wiggle seat for movers in the classroom $13
wiggle seats

cube chairs

Or it may be giving the student a transition object to make the transition be less stressful. Last year's favorite was the American flag.

Also, a matchbox sized bus for coming into school or leaving.

One of my students last year also loved fake flowers.

The use of visuals is another huge thing. I have made lots of song visuals this summer. See last week's Monday Made It for some great sites to get visuals.

The arrangement and use of  schedules. This is the main schedule, but I also have the order of washing hands, getting snack, etc. displayed throughout the classroom. Make sure to stress the to do and all done.

First/ then card. Showing students what they need to do and then showing them what they get when that task is completed.

There are a lot more interventions done throughout the day from the scissors different students use to length of time they spend on an activity. Make sure to utilize your resource room teacher and support staff and check your Intermediate School District for other great resources too. All these people  can provide interventions for individual students or for the class as a whole.  I could not do my job without my fabulous support staff!

A great resource is the

You can get this on Amazon and it has LOTS of ideas and suggestions for everything!

What kind of interventions do you use?

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