Summer School Week 1

It is hard to believe week 2 of summer school starts Monday! It flies by, which I love.

Here are a few things we have been up to. Last week we made some pirates and treasure chests. The kids loved this. We did some of the activities from my Pirate packet, which you can get on tpt.

We also played trace the word slapping game. Each of my students got one of those sticky hands (not seen in the picture very well. You can get them at the Dollar Store). One student at a time would fling the sticky hand and have to identify the picture and then the group would trace it. They loved it! You can get that freebie here on tpt.

We have been doing lots of writing. Here is how I do the writing with my kids. When I draw their name they share what they want depending on the topic and I write. Then, they go back to their table and write what they shared and draw a picture about it. The kids have been doing great with their writing.

This coming week we are diving into the ocean, which I am sure the kids will also love! Enjoy your Saturday! It has been a lazy one here, but we did get out for a bike ride, which is always fun!

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