Summer School

I must say I love summer school! I have 14 kindergarteners and an aid with the whole time. We are also only done with day 2 and there are only 10 days left. It is just the right length of time.

The classroom I have this year is HUGE! It has great storage and is just awesome. I wish my classroom was similar.

Everyday, we do morning meeting and I have a morning message. Each of the students get a dry erase board, marker and eraser and as we read the message we fill in the blanks as a class. It is a great way to get a quick assessment of what students can and cannot do and it keeps the kids engaged!

We read David Goes to School and made some David's. This one is missing some hair, but I loved his smile. :)
This week's theme is pirates and I have some fun treasure chests to show you that we did today. I forgot to take a picture of them. Have a great Tuesday.

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