An Apple a Day-Enrichment

I am linking up with Leigh for An Apple a Day- Enrichment. You can link up with your ideas or check out some ideas here.

I have a large range of abilities in my classroom and I never want to leave any of my students out. I do most of my 'enrichment' during centers, but try to challenge my 'high' students with more challenging questions when doing an activity (such as why or how do you know...) or asking them to make a connection to something else.

Here is another way I do enrichment with my kids. I previously posted this, but thought this would fit in well. Instead of making multiple different activities I use emergent readers a lot at my language center to meet all there needs.
Here is how:
Have your students attempt to repeat the picture or phrase.

Have students repeat the sentence and if possible read the sentence to you.

Have students find sight words....this is one way I use enrichment.

By using just this one book (from Hubbard's Cupboard) I am able to meet all of student's needs! 

Another great way to provide enrichment opportunities is when the students finish their work early I have a lot of file folder games that the students can do individually and have them work on tasks and skills that  challenge my 'high' students. Just as Leigh said these are just a few of the enrichment activities I do in my classroom, but these are probably the few that I go to the most. Have a great Sunday. I am ready to watch some Tiger's baseball! Go Tigers!

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