August Currently

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Listening- to Pandora
Loving- Summer school finished today. It was another fun year. It flies by and you meet some great kids! I am also loving this 80s and sunny weather today! :)
Thinking-About all the things I need to get ready for heading back into my classroom on Monday. Monday will mostly be set-up and hopefully I can get some laminating done. Ethan will be with me so we will see how it goes.
Wanting- After we replaced the doors I noticed how filthy and yucky the paint in our hallway, living room and kitchen are! I really want to repaint, but I don't think I have the time this summer to tackle it. We will see.
Needing- B2S Must Haves: 1. lots of Velcro for schedules, matching names, file folder games, etc.
2. A new work bag (just got it yesterday for my bday) and comfy shoes (going to DSW today since I have a coupon!)
3. new pictures of Ethan. I miss him a lot while I am at work and need to have some updated pictures since he has grown so much this summer!
Here is a review of some of the things we did in summer school this past week.
We wrote about what the kids are looking forward to in Kindergarten. We used bubble wrap to make the water and added fish. We made some Chicka., Chicka Boom Boom hats.

We tried making bubble prints. I didn't get a picture of a completely finished one, but they turned out great. Blowing bubbles is great for the students sensory needs and even speech because of having to blow the bubbles. I had two little boys that had never blown bubbles before and they thought it was the best thing ever.
We came up with something we liked that began with the same letter as each of their names.
Have a great Thursday. Happy August (one of my little girls told me that as she left today. Too cute!)


  1. My summer school ends tomorrow! Isn't it nice to finally be "on vacation?" Good luck in your classroom on Monday!


  2. A sturdy bag and comfy shoes are a MUST! I swear by my LL Bean Boat and Tote bags!

    I stopped in to my room for two days this week. That first day back can be a little overwhelming. I think I moved things from one space to another more than anything else! Hope that you have a more productive day than I!

    Mrs. O
    Mrs O Knows

  3. Good luck on the hunt for comfy shoes! I had to do that last year and am hoping my current pairs survive another year!
    I just nominated you for the Liebster Award - come on over and get it! Although I just noticed you have had it before...but here's a new icon for it?? Haha!

    Mrs. Cobb's Kindersprouts - Liebster Award

  4. Comfy shoes? I recommend Danskos - those things are amazing! Good luck in your classroom on Monday!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade


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