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I am linking up for teacher week 2013. You can link up here to share your classroom.

I originally posted my classroom tour here

This is more of the abridged version of it. I don't have a specific theme. It is mostly just bright and colorful.
 A picture from the door.

The calendar area. Everything is accessible for my little ones to point and put things up when they are special helper.

Rules, clip chart, schedule. I also got this big book holder. Someone was putting it into storage so I asked my principal if I could take it and she said I could. Now my big books will have a place rather than in between my file cabinet and the wall.

My para and my desk area. I couldn't move her desk over. The custodians said they would take care of that for me.

Some of my cabinets.

I cover up all of the toys because I have some little ones who love to dump and pull everything out. This discourages that.
The kitchen area.

This corner is where I run my language/academic center. I can see everyone from here.

I put up my welcome banner.

This is going to be our picture wall.

 Is your room all ready to go?! I know a lot of people have started or start school this week. We do not start with the kids until after labor day. I do preschool screeners in the north end of our district so the two weeks before we report back I am not able to get into my classroom. It is kind of nice with no one else there though because I can get a lot done without getting distracted or chit-chatting. I also have the copier and laminator all to myself. :) I can't wait to check out other people's rooms.

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  1. Love your little colored chairs on the rug! Where did you get them? Em


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