Classroom Set-Up Day 1

Yesterday was a super productive day, which I love! I am hoping to finish setting up on Thursday and start copying my assessment files. I also have a few things left to laminate.

Here is the before:

Here is the after for today (excuse all the toys...Ethan was having fun playing with everything as I was putting things up).

I am hoping to tackle my desk and start getting things ready for the first week of school.

I will post more detailed and neater pictures of my classroom Thursday when my room is hopefully more together. Have you been able to get into your classroom? Is all of your furniture put in place or do you need to move it? This past year I had to move a few things, but for the most part everything is where I asked it to be. I will be


  1. Your room is so big! I am jealous. Looks like you are making good progress!
    Preschool Wonders

  2. I am very lucky to have a large classroom. My first few years of teaching I definitely did not have that.


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