Classroom Tour

Today has been a super productive day! I guess that is what happens when your husband gets called into work at 5am and your son decides that is a great time to get up.
Anyways, here is my classroom.

A picture from the door.

The calendar area.

Rules, clip chart, schedule. I also got this big book holder. Someone was putting it into storage so I asked my principal if I could take it and she said I could. Now my big books will have a place rather than in between my file cabinet and the wall.

My para and my desk area. I couldn't move her desk over. The custodians said they would take care of that for me.

Some of my cabinets.

I cover up all of the toys because I have some little ones who love to dump and pull everything out. This discourages that.
The kitchen area.

This corner is where I run my language/academic center. I can see everyone from here.

This is the chart I use for my centers. The kids pictures will go under the pictures of the center (me, my aid, and play center).

I have Not Here and Here. I have name plates with their pictures on them. You can get them at Lakeshore. I take all of the pictures down and then I roll a ball to one student at a time and they share their name, age, and if ready address, phone number, and birthday. Then, they put their name up under the here.

Lakeshore Kids™ Photo Nameplates - Set of 36
At the door I have a picture of line up and stop. The stop tells them only teachers can touch the door.

A close up of my clip chart.

A close up of the mini schedule.

I will be handing out awards to my students for doing these task and they get their name put on the poster. The posters came from Kindergarten Works.

I put some of these around my classroom so my students have some guidance as what to do with the toys in that area. I have some similar cards for legos, blocks, and pegs.

I put up my welcome banner.

This is going to be our picture wall.

I am going to use these vocab cards (each go with a theme for the week) and we will practice these during circle time daily and then I will put them up on the picture wall.

I did lots of photocopying today. I copied my awards for doing the skills mentioned above.
Assessments are all copied and filed.

The Ziploc bags have the labels to return daily, clothes, and new student bag (given to students that begin after the start of the year).
I saw this particular activity on the Autism Helper. The sample she showed had pictures that did not pertain to my kids so I got on boardmaker today and made ones that would pertain to them. The first couple of weeks we are going to sort the pictures and then I think I am going to display this near my classroom rules so I can refer to it regularly.

To organize my awards I think I am going to clip them and buy some 3M strips to stick next to the posters.

Whew...that was a lot! How is your classroom coming along?! It is hard to believe the start of the school year is upon us. I won't be back into my classroom until pd because I am doing preschool screener at the north end of our district. It makes me very happy to know the room is set-up and things are somewhat ready for the first day.
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  1. Your classroom looks so cute Kate! I really love the posters that students add showing the skills they can do. Can you believe my second graders can't tie their shoes?! I think I need to make one of those ASAP! Thank you so much for sharing and linking up!
    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  2. I love the skills posters too...that's such a great idea encouraging them to do those skills and then handing out awards when they can do them!

    I am your newest follower and nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog to find out more about it.

    Tacky the Teacher

  3. I want to be a kinder in your room! Looks awesome! LOVE your number posters!! ;)

    Primary Inspired

    1. Thanks. I got the number posters on tpt.


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